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[New in Beta – Coming Soon to All Accounts] Accept Payments Directly in Facebook Messenger Using ManyChat!

Big news today, everyone:

You’re finally able to receive payments directly inside Facebook Messenger using ManyChat!

This is a major announcement and we know a lot of you have been waiting for this one. So pop the champagne, do a little dance, call your mom—whatever you gotta do. Get it all out of your system.

But when you’re done, keep reading—because in this post you’re going to learn how ManyChat payments work and how to set them up in your ManyChat Pro account.

First, here’s a quick example of how these payments will look from the user’s end:

Pretty slick, right?

Just click “Buy” and enter your credit card info. It’s about as easy as it gets. Quick enough for impulse purchases, robust enough for fully fleshed-out sales funnels.

And there are some really awesome benefits to accepting payments directly inside Messenger:

  • Your customers don’t have to leave Messenger to buy from you. Less friction + a more streamlined checkout process = higher conversion rates.
  • It’s perfect for conversational selling. Thanks to the interactive nature of Messenger Marketing, you’ll be able to ask all the relevant questions and offer your users the product that’s best suited to their needs.
  • Major trust factor. People trust Facebook/Messenger, so questions of credit card security will be a thing of the past.
  • The possibilities for scalable marketing automation are endless! Sell products directly inside your automated Messenger sequences. Turn your chatbot into your company’s best 24/7 salesperson.
  • Since everything happens in Messenger, there’s no need to set up third-party or cross-domain tracking. Implementation is simple & easy.

Let’s dive in and see how you can set up ManyChat payments inside your account.

(Spoiler alert: it’s pretty easy.)

How To Set Up ManyChat Payments

To get started, open the “Settings” section in any ManyChat Pro account and click the “Payments” tab.

manychat payments setup | accept payments in facebook messenger

Here you can connect to a Stripe account, change your currency type, update your notification settings for new orders, and see your entire order history.

To get started, click the “Add or Create Stripe Account” button. You’ll be taken to the Stripe login page:

stripe login screen

In order to connect ManyChat to Stripe, you’ll need to be an admin for both services. Otherwise you’ll get an error message and won’t be able to proceed.

If you’re connecting an existing Stripe account, this should be quick & easy. Just connect the 2 services and you can begin accepting payments right away.

If you’re creating a new Stripe account, you’ll need to add some additional info about your business. But the process is still pretty straightforward.

Once your Stripe account is connected to ManyChat, you’ll be able to add a “Buy” button to your ManyChat flows!

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Creating A “Buy” Button in ManyChat Payments

There’s a new button type in ManyChat: the buy button. And accepting payments is as simple as adding this button and configuring it for the product or service you’re selling.

To get started, just click “Buy Button” when you reach this screen. (Keep in mind this can be added only to Card, Gallery, List, and Media Template elements.)

manychat payments setup

Next you’ll see a screen like this, where you can add some more information about the product you’re selling:

manychat payments setup in messenger

You’ll definitely want to add a good picture of the product. You can also change the button title, the price, and the item name (note: the item name will show up in your order history, but the customers won’t see it).

You can also select which user data you need to request to complete the purchase. For instance, physical products will need an address for shipping. An email address will be requested by default.

When your user clicks on the buy button, they’ll see a screen like this:

manychat payments setup

And after they successfully submit their payment, the user will receive a confirmation message telling them their purchase was successful:

manychat payments setup

And that’s all there is to it!

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Of course, you’ll probably want to build out your flow to make your customers’ shopping experience as helpful & informative as possible. Give them the option to upgrade or customize their order, let them know how & when they will receive their product, and answer any other questions your customers are likely to have.

And speaking of questions…

ManyChat Payments Q&A

Here are a few of the more common questions we’ve received so far:

Where can I find terms of service for payments?

Check out section 7 of our terms of service.

Why isn’t Apple Pay/Android Pay supported?

Apple/Android Pay are cool features, and they’ll work in a browser, but not directly inside Messenger. (At least, not yet.) Stay tuned, though, because this feature may be supported in the future.

Why Stripe and not PayPal or Facebook Payments?

Native Facebook payments are only available in 3 countries. As for PayPal, Stripe integration turned out to be a much faster solution with better support. (We may support PayPal payments in the future, though.)

Is it possible to purchase more than one product at a time?

Right now, users can only purchase one product at a time. Otherwise the feature would have to become much more complicated—including a Shopping Cart, the ability to add & remove products, etc.

All that may come in the future. But right now it makes more sense to release a simplified payments feature so we can begin to understand the market needs. As we learn more about how people are using this tool, we can add even more useful functionality down the road.

In what countries is Stripe available?

To use Stripe, your business must be based in one of these countries:

manychat payments setup

Give It A Whirl

Well, that’s it, guys!

I’d really encourage you to log in and try putting up a product for sale on ManyChat. It’s incredibly quick to set up and the whole process is easy and intuitive.

We’ve been saying for a long time that Messenger is the marketing channel of the future. Well, today that future is one step closer thanks to the ability to accept payments directly inside Messenger.

[Get started with ManyChat now and put this into action: Sign up here!]

  • Philippe LeCoutre

    Awesome new feature here with a lot of possibilities, especially integrating with Mobile Wallet! Very well done Mikael and team!

  • Don Halbert

    Is this released now? I mean this article would indicate it is and how it is to use but for the life of me I can’t find the Payments tab anywhere in my Dashboard.

    • David Wood

      me either

  • Roberto Galvino

    Is it against the Fb terms to sell access to online courses? Is that considered “Digital Products”

    “Posts may not promote the sale of downloadable digital content, digital subscriptions or digital accounts.”