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Announcement: Messenger Platform Changes in Development

ManyChat Community,

You may have already heard the news: in an effort to guarantee the best user experience possible, Facebook is doubling down on improving data security, and recently announced they’ll be making changes to their Platform policies.

In the meantime, they’ll be pausing their app review process, which includes the ability to connect/reconnect bots to any Messenger app/platform, like ManyChat.

Here is a short excerpt:

Today Ime Archibong, VP Platform Partnerships, announced some updates to the Facebook platform, which also impacts Messenger. These critical steps will give people more control of their data, and put stronger protections in place to prevent misuse. As it relates to Messenger, we are currently pausing app review, which means there will be no new bots/experiences added to the platform while we review our policies and make necessary adjustments. Existing Messenger experiences will continue to function as is.”

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Messenger Platform Changes in Development: What Does This Mean For ManyChat Users?

If you’re an existing user – it’s business as usual. Your bots should function as they did prior to this update, and no action is required on your side. You were one of the first businesses to get on the Messenger train, and you should be proud of yourself 🙂

If you want to connect a new Facebook page to ManyChat, you’ll have to wait until Facebook updates their policies. Until they do so, you won’t be able to connect new pages to your account.

This “pause” affects all bot building platforms including ManyChat.

While Facebook hasn’t shared a definitive timeline for this update, we’ve made a bot to notify you when you can start building new bots again.

Click this link to get notified on Messenger when this “pause” is over.

Facebook is performing this audit in an effort to make sure their platform provides the best experience for all users. ManyChat takes pride in our strong partnership with Facebook, and in our commitment to helping businesses connect with people on Messenger.

We believe that the platform is going to be stronger after the updates, creating a better experience for the customers.

On behalf of the ManyChat team, we want to thank all our users – you are pioneers in one of the most revolutionary communication channels of our time. Thank you for being on this journey with us, and keep an eye out in the community for updates.

As always, feel free to reach out to the team, or any of our moderators with questions 🙂

  • Pedro Pimenta

    Do you have a forecast to come back?

    • Lindsay Marder

      Hi Pedro! Right now Facebook isn’t giving a definitive timeline. They want to take as much time as necessary to make sure their platform data is safe for the user and gives the best experience. They’re going to move as quickly as they can (understandably), but will also be diligent and meticulous in their update.

      • Pedro Pimenta


  • Ricardo Friedrich

    Can I still improving my active bots?

    • Nickelle Weekes

      It doesn’t look like we can… I’ve been trying to get in to make a change and can’t.

      • Belinda Luby


    • *Following*

  • Sheri Williams

    So I connected my page a few days ago but I haven’t set up my growth tools and sequences yet. Are we saying I have to wait for FB to re-activate, or am I ok because I already connected my page? From Mikael’s blog it seems I might be ok, but the quote from FB says “no new bots/experiences” and “experience” might mean growth tool / sequence.

  • Hey everybody! You can follow the latest updates in our community! https://www.facebook.com/groups/manychat/

    • Christian Jones

      Hi Dan, I just asked to join the group. What is the waiting time on being accepted?

    • obit8

      Hi Dan, i have a launch this evening, i’ve tryed to join the group.
      Please let me enter, i need to know when Facebook will finish with this update…i have 11.000 people ready to join and i can’t do the launch…

  • Svetlana Kungurova

    На русском языке нет информации!!! ЭТО ОЧЕНЬ ПЛОХО.

    • Fabian Suckfuell

      I don’t exactly know what you wrote but can i just say: I agree!

  • Alex Quistian

    Im new in all this, Why are peope replying “Following”?

    • Because they have the same question too. It’s a moot point as to whether they need to type ‘following’ (as they could just ‘upvote’ it, but it may give admins another indication other people are troubled by the same question. You sometimes see the same thing in Facebook groups. Again, there are other ways to ‘follow’ a thread, but some people still prefer to type ‘following’. Hope that helps.

      • Michael Bridges

        Thanks for the info. Colin

  • Thanks for keeping us up to date guys. Look forward to the next round of information.

  • Frey Ballon

    Hi Manychat Community and Co Online Marketers! Does anyone knows when is the tentative date that we can connect a new fb page?

    Although i subscribed to manychat bot to get notified. Thanks!

  • Adi Petrasca

    So… my new page has no chance to be connected now ?

  • argy sabaulan

    i hope you accept my new facebook page or my old yellow profile facebook page be publish again thank you.

  • Saski’s Nerdtalk

    I just heard about Messenger Bots and I really want to start experimenting with all the interesting possibilities. It would be enough for now if I could just sign up and start creating the bot without having it live/active. This way my bot would be ready to go when all the Facebook updates are done.

  • Arlene morie


  • Yduck Yduck

    How to connect new page ?

  • Norhaniza

    Hai. how to get connected with other page. ? try to connect several times but didn’t go thru

  • Marco Rachow

    Damn 😀 Wanted to connect a new page today but too late……….have to wait now 🙁

  • Magdaong hilarion

    Why I’m not connect to manychat what is problem

    • As this blog post indicates, Facebook has new connections on hold

  • Nick Raqif


  • Tony Seruga

    18 days and counting?

  • Kakau Fonseca

    Pena que o curso do ManyChat é em inglês e não tem legenda para nós do Brasil, sendo que assim fica muito complicado. Tem como colocar legenda???? Obrigada

  • Cesar Morelli

    Dear Facebook… Let’s work!

  • Ulrich Kranz

    Both facebook and manychat (like others) have to adopt to a new datasecurity law in the european union (28 countries with 508 million people) effectiv may 25. 2018.

  • I was watching a tutorial on Bots in messenger. I hit a button and it said decline. It was a huge mistake as I am just starting out with my company videos

  • Lisa Michela Hobbie

    Can someone help? I’ve been using Manychat / Growth tools since 8/17 – with no problem. Until today. When I went to activate a bot, it told me I needed to refresh my FB App settings. When I did, it say “Platform Access Disabled: Access temporarily disabled due to changes to the FB Platform.” Can anyone help me?

  • Ingrid Nauffal


  • David Niño

    I am trying to connect my new FB page to many chat but I can’t! Does anyone why? Or what can I do about it? I thought that the pause was already over. Can someone help me please!

  • David Niño

    I am trying to connect my new FB page to many chat but I can’t! Does anyone why? Or what can I do about it? I thought that the pause was already over. Can someone help me please!

  • David Guerrero Machado

    There is a date to connect a new Fanpage?

  • Lyn Delos Santos

    Pls keep me posted asap. I need to connect manychat to my page🙏 Tnx

  • Juan Padrón

    ¿Cuando sera el día que vuelva a reiniciar las labores del chatbot en Facebook?
    Estamos desesperados!!

  • Following

  • Venkatadri Gunturu

    Hello, Some where I saw the message that facebook now allowing to connect new pages. But I am not able to see. Can you check?

    “We recently shared updates about changes being made to improve the integrity of platforms across Facebook. After taking some time to evaluate and update our app review process, we are now reopening app reviews for the Instant Games platform and Messenger apps with a limited number of Page connections”

    • Can they check what? As this blog post states, as well as the message you received, Facebook is not allowing new connections

  • Ben Beck

    FlowXO just announced that you can connect a bot through their platform, so I’m guessing that ManyChat will re-open the functionality in the next day or two? I’d much rather use ManyChat over FlowXO.

    • Hi, thanks for your info. is it Facebook’s reconstruction also affects the messager on site “chatbuttom”? or just bot functionality? Can I install and prepare the installation in any way?

  • Ingrid Nauffal

    quando retorna?

  • Alexei Paschkov

    когда решится проблема с подключением ??

  • Alexei Paschkov

    не могу подключить страницы , что делать ??

  • Shary D. Martinez

    Why i can’t open my many chat??? It keeps asking me to log in and when i do it says new account are on hold, mu account is not new… I have had manychat for a while

  • Doug Doebbert

    I am just interested in building a page…I’ll worry about connecting later. Can I build a page, so that I can be ready when FB “unpauses?”

  • Martina Fink

    My connection isn’t new. I used Manychat in the past, but getting an error message. Why?

  • Preston Taylor

    Ok so what is the hold up here? Its been a month and still not able to add more accounts. I get that they are retooling the privacy stuff, but damn – i mean this is fb we are talking about here. Cmon already Mark – I have businesses to build.

  • Christian Olaya

    My main menu does not appear, is that a problem due to this last update?

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