Ryan Deiss on 5 Critical Questions You Must Ask in Your Messenger Marketing Campaigns

We had a chance to sit down with Ryan Deiss, CEO and co-founder of DigitalMarketer, after our very first Conversations Conference and talk to him about Conversational and Messenger Marketing. And in this interview excerpt, he shares the five most important questions that he recommends asking your prospects as part of a Messenger Marketing campaign.

The secret to successful Messenger Marketing, Ryan says, is being good at asking questions. And not just any questions, but the right questions that will help you build a better relationship with your prospect and move them closer to making a sales decision.

In fact, asking questions is so important that in a lot of ways, the questions themselves are actually more important than the answers.

That makes a lot of sense when you think about it — after all, asking questions shows the person that you care about them enough to take an interest—regardless of what their answers are.

Plus, asking the right questions gets the other person thinking about the right topics—the topics they need to think about in order to make a decision regarding whether or not they want to do business with you.

So what questions should be part of every sales conversation? Let’s find out…

Here are Ryan’s top five questions for Messenger Marketing success. Include these questions as part of your ManyChat campaigns to build the foundation for a successful, high-converting sales conversation.

Question #1: “Are You A [Insert Your Target Market Here]?”

The first thing you want to find out from someone is if they fit your target market or not. So ask this right away to find out if this is even a conversation worth having.

If you only work with agency owners, or real estate agents, or personal trainers, and the person you’re talking with doesn’t fit that profile—then you’ll want to find that out as soon as possible so you can both be on your way without wasting time.

Asking this question up-front qualifies the prospect and lets both of you know whether or not this is a good fit.

Question #2: “Tell Me More About Your Business.”

Once you confirm that the person you’re talking to fits your target market, the most natural next question to ask is: “Tell me more.”

Follow-up questions could include, How do you like that? How long have you been in business? Do you specialize in any particular area?

These are questions that, according to Ryan, many marketers and salespeople have a tendency to skip. But you shouldn’t, and here’s why:

You’re a human talking to another human, and showing interest in the person you’re talking to is the natural thing to do. The right thing to do. And by asking questions like “Tell me more,” you’re demonstrating your interest and starting to build a bond between you and the other person.

It also sets you up perfectly for the next question…

Question #3: “What’s Going On In Your World That Brought You Here Today?”

In other words: What are you trying to accomplish?

What are your goals?

Because, think about it. You can’t very well offer this person a product or service that will deliver what they want if you don’t actually know what they want.

Now, when you ask this question, a lot of people won’t have a ready-made answer for you. Maybe they haven’t thought about it. Or maybe they just can’t articulate it very well.

So that’s why it’s always a good idea to help bail them out by giving them a few sample responses. When someone on Ryan’s team is talking to an agency owner, they’re trained to provide 3 sample use cases:

  • Do you want to get more clients?
  • Do you want to systematize your agency?
  • Do you want to increase your retainers or recurring revenue?

He knows from experience that all agencies want to achieve at least one of these 3 things. So by giving them the most common goals for agencies, he makes it easy for the person to answer this question and let him know what they most want to achieve.

Question #4: What Do You Already Know About Us?”

Here’s where the conversation starts to shift a little more toward you and what your company provides.

And it’s really helpful to ask the person what they know about you, because that will help you to figure out what (if anything) you need to tell them about yourself and your product or service.

Question #5: “Do You Want Some Help With That?”

This is the ultimate closing question, and it works especially well after you’ve asked questions 1-4.

Because keep in mind, at this point in the conversation you’ve already discovered and achieved a lot of things:

  • You already know you’re talking to the right person.
  • You know more about their business and what they do.
  • You’ve shown interest and started to build some trust with them.
  • You know what it is they want to achieve.
  • You know that your product or service is a good fit for them & their goals.

So the most natural thing to ask next is:

Can we help you with that?

At this point, chances are very good (especially if you’ve followed the first 4 questions in order), that the person will be like: “Yeah!”

Now that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve made the sale. You still have to present your offer and figure out the details, the pricing, and so on.

But by asking these five questions, in the right order, you’ve laid an awesome groundwork for a high-converting sales conversation. You’ve qualified and learned more about your prospect, you’ve built some trust with them, and you’ve established that your product can help to achieve their goal.

And when you can do all that, then the rest of the sales process becomes much, much easier—regardless of whether that conversation is taking place on the phone, in person, via email, or on Messenger.

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