Tips & Tricks: Sharing Your ManyChat Bot

This tutorial will help you to find and attract a new audience with the help of your loyal subscribers or even make your content go viral.

ManyChat doesn’t have a bot sharing feature in Messenger yet. But actually, there is an easy way to get your subscribers to share your bot with their friends using the Card Block.


How to set it up?

Create a Card Block in Message Builder. Upload an Image, create a Headline and Description.

Insert a link, which can be a direct link to your bot or a Messenger Ref URL Growth Tool that will tag you new subscribers and subscribe them to a particular Sequence.

Add a Button to your card and choose Open Share Window option. You can add a number of Cards in the Gallery with different images, content, and links to segment your audience and subscribe them do relevant Sequences.

The cool thing is that Card Block can be integrated absolutely everywhere, use it in you Sequences, Broadcasts, Welcome Message or even create a Keyword (if you want to share this bot just type “share” 😉).


Once a user shares your bot, his friends will get the Card and will be able to interact with it and share it with others with just one tap.

Tam Pham from Bot Academy did a great guide on how to share your ManyChat bot (check out their other great tutorials) 👇

How To Share Your ChatBot With One Click


  • Eufrocinio Dantes


  • herinvitation

    Where is the Open Share Window action now?

    • Maria B

      I have the same question, is it only for pro? or this feature is not available anymore?

      • Larry Le-Lender

        It’s gone. I had to figure out a different way to share it.

  • Hi,

    I have one little problem: I had set up my welcome sequences and at the and I redirect my lead to a typeform form.

    At the end of the typeform I would like that my lead come back automatically to a bot sequence. Is it possible?

    I can add a link on the end button of typeform but is there a shareable link for a sequence?


  • Felix Udan


    how can i set up “directly send me message” button that will message me directly on messenger and not on my facebook page? how do i get the link and what actions to do?

    thank you

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  • Croquesaisons

    Hello !
    Problem for me :'( when i try to share the card I have an error message : “An error occurred : please try again” :'(

    Help please 🙂